As physicians of all specialties look for new opportunities, The Medicus Firm can assist in their physician job search. Physicians can take control and search through the physician job board at their convenience or work with our skilled team of recruiters to discuss the perfect job and learn about relevant positions.

Physician job seekers have multiple factors to consider when looking for a new physician job to ensure it is the right fit. Salary is one of the top items that physicians consider. Still, they must also consider the geographic location, the organization/team, and other benefits like relocation allowances or loan repayment.

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The Location

One serious thing to consider is the location of the opportunity because they will not only work in that community but be a part of it in their daily life. When reviewing a job listing, perform a quick online search for that city/state to learn more about the area. This will let the physician know more information, like if it is in a city, a suburb, or a rural area, to get a better idea of the area and its job market. Knowing the patient population is critical to consider if they are a specialist physician or will have wRVU goals. Physicians should also investigate the area to ensure they can maintain the same quality of life they are used to, especially if moving with a family. If relocating to a new state, the physician must also get licensed. Each state's processing time varies, so physicians must understand how long that process may take to avoid a delayed start date.

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The Hospital/Clinic

Physicians also need to know more about the organization when considering a position, like whether the organization's values and mission align with the physicians' values. Beyond that, the hospital's resources, equipment, and building(s) must also be considered because not every hospital is brand new with all the latest equipment. Physicians should consider what they use daily and if it will be offered at the following organization. For surgeons, this might include if they have a da Vinci robot or how many operating suites are available. If unsure of what the organization offers, a physician can contact to the recruiter or ask during the interview process.

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Contract Negotiation

Contract negotiation can be a sticking point for many physicians. Working with an experienced physician contract lawyer can help relieve the negotiation tension. Physicians must be aware of bonus structures, malpractice coverage, loan repayment, and non-compete clauses. This is also when physicians can negotiate the relocation allowance if needed. Each of these items often has terms that also hold the physician responsible if they leave before completing their contract. For instance, if the organization pays off student loans, a physician will be responsible for paying that money back. Non-compete clauses can also impede where a physician can practice in the future, so understanding what that clause entails is crucial.

The Interview Process

The Interview Process

After a physician has applied, they will begin the interview process. This is often lengthy over multiple months because it will include different interview types like phone, virtual, and in-person site visits. During the site visit, this is the time a physician can explore the campus as well as the community. This trip should allow a physician to know what their life would look like if they worked at the hospital/clinic. If married, physicians can ask to bring their spouse along to ensure this is a good fit.

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